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Looking to help traders grow their portfolio with a series of tools / indicators to support their trading.


Indicators to help your trading

Market Profile Overlay

Market Profile Overlay is a proprietary code base indicator to bring premium features from external charting software such as sierra charts to tradingview.

This makes it the first of its kind and the only current way to get market profile insight on tradingview, whilst allowing you to still use the trading view feature set.

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Delta Ladder Candles Spaceman

Using a proprietary code base, and volume data the candle structure can now display an increase in buy and sell delta to the extent of tradingview. With an increasing buy and sell pressure being displayed as well as potential for trapped traders this indicator is great for confluences.

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Key Levels

Pure price action indicator, plots all important opens, highs and lows including the monday, combined with market profile overlay gives you a clear outlook of levels of interest by market participants

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Market Profile Spaceman FREE

A free version of the market profile tool to help onboard new traders to the basics before they are ready to take the leap of faith and dedicate some real time to learning.

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