Delta Profile/Continuum SpaceManBTC

Using a proprietary code base, and real time data Delta Profile comes with the ability to provide the bid ask separation to a high level of accuracy. Users can choose to have a pure Volume Profile Candle OR use the Delta Profile which will do additional calculation to give a greater view into trapped traders. Delta Continuum, also follows the real time series but with the Delta Print display as shown below.

DeltaPrint Candles SpacemanBTC

Using a proprietary code base, Deltaprint candles SpacemanBTC can now be used to create a Deltaprint display in tradingview for the first time. The use of this can be for determining a strength of a move or the visible sweeps of highs and lows showing the entrance of late traders into the market. Very good for confluences in your general price action trading.

Future Features

-Custom Delta VPOC sizing
-Automated Delta Alert Settings
-Summary Stat bar
-Aggregate Values


-Bid/Ask Data view
-Delta Volume Buy/Sell Numerical Display
-HTF Candle
-Delta Volume POC highlighting

Delta Ladder Candles Spaceman

Using a proprietary code base, and volume data the candle structure can now display an increase in buy and sell delta to the extent of tradingview. With an increasing buy and sell pressure being displayed as well as potential for trapped traders this indicator is great for confluences. E.g. on a swing low sweep and reclaim, increasing buy delta can lead to a bounce play due to the confluence of this delta and PA reclaim indicating buy pressure.

Future Features

-Relative strength
-Summary Stat bar


-Delta Volume Buy/Sell relative
-HTF candle structure