Key Levels IDWM

Pure price action indicator, plots all important opens, highs and lows including the monday, combined with market profile overlay gives you a clear outlook of levels of interest by market participants. This code is open sourced as it is an continuation of anothers work, I added levels and continue to improve it upon user request as I believe it will help the community

Future Features

-Initial Balance
-Current High Lows
-Custom TF input for users


-Monthly Open/Previous High and Low
-Weekly Open/Previous High and Low
-Daily Open/Previous High and Low
-4H Open/Previous High/Low and Mid
-Monday Range High and Low

Key Levels Custom TF

This indicator is made to provide additional data to the Key levels indicator, by allowing the user to enter their custom time frame in minutes, for intra day it will aim to provide levels to which lows/highs can be taken for liquidity before starting the next directional move.

VWAP STDEV Bands Multi Timeframe

A modification of an existing script to use floating point values as well for the input of band distance, useful for dynamic S/R levels, I use it for mean reversion and an idea of over extension points.

RAVWAP Experimental

Different to VWAP RAVWAP, provides a vwap that rolls with price e.g. Daily time frame will always generate data with 24 hours in mind regardless of time. Typical VWAP resets at the end of day. Incredible for dynamic S/R levels.