comet coloring

Comet Coloring is a trend coloring tool used to provide additional confluences to trading. Using the tools together on dip entries the color shift can be used to detect a change in trend/show a weakening trend. Green for an uptrend, Red for downtrend and yellow for waning momentum.

Asteroids Belt SpacemanBTC

Asteroids Belt SpacemanBTC provides a logically calculated strength determinant, the tool can be used for dynamic S/R in a strong trend, a retest of an upper band for entry in an uptrend is a sign of strong trend. In a downtrend using the lower bands. The entry to the bands can show waning momentum / incoming periods of range which will allow for playing the range within the bands.

SpaceTime Remastered

SpaceTime Remastered is a recoded PROFILE OF THE ORIGINAL SPACETIME ADVANCED. With all the original features and more including, the ability to have multiple sessions at once. eXAMPLE, Asia,london,newyork. or d,w,m. Additionally including elaborated session data excess, sp, tpo counts and more. bUILDING UPON THE ORIGNAL WITH SIGNFICANTLY IMPROVED EFFICIENCY IN CODE.

SpaceTime Profile Advanced

SpaceTime Profile Advanced is a proprietary code base indicator to bring premium features from external charting software such as sierra charts to tradingview.This makes it the first of its kind and the only current way to get market profile insight on tradingview, whilst allowing you to still use the trading view feature set. Providing all features, SP's, POCS, VAH,VAL,VA, POOR HIGHS/LOWS, Naked variants of sp,vah/val. aND COMPOSITES.

SpaceTime Profile cOMPOSITES

SpaceTime Profiel Composites provides an alternative composite builder to the existing solution in the SpaceTime Profile Advanced .Using the new pinev5 I utilize the ability for user confirmed data to give them the choice in time in a more interactable and user friendly way.The main advantage of this is the ability to create multiple composites without multiple uses of SpaceTime Profile Advanced , additionally the user can select the indicator and edit the composite start time using the chart as opposed to the date picker in pine.

DeltaPrint Candles SpacemanBTC

Using a proprietary code base, Deltaprint candles SpacemanBTC can now be used to create a Deltaprint display in tradingview for the first time. The use of this can be for determining a strength of a move or the visible sweeps of highs and lows showing the entrance of late traders into the market. Very good for confluences in your general price action trading.

Delta Ladder Candles Spaceman

the candle structure can now display an increase in buy and sell delta. With an increasing buy and sell pressure being displayed as well as potential for trapped traders this indicator is great for confluences. E.g. on a swing low sweep and reclaim, increasing buy delta can lead to a bounce play due to the confluence of this delta and PA reclaim indicating buy pressure.

Delta Bar Stats SpaceManBTC

Using a proprietary code base, Delta Bar Stats SpaceManBTC can now be used to display the statistics within a bar including, Total Volume, Total Delta Volume, Delta POC, Buy Volume and Sell Volume in a simple form represented similar to FootprintBarstats. Very useful information helpful in trading

Delta Profile/ Delta Continuum SpaceManBTC (2 indicators, 3 uses)

Using a proprietary code base, and real time data Delta Profile comes with the ability to provide the bid ask separation to a high level of accuracy using tick data. Users can choose to have a pure Volume Profile Candle OR use the Delta Profile which will do additional calculation to give a greater view into trapped traders. Delta Continuum, also follows the real time series but with the Delta PROFILE display as shown below.

OI Profile Pro

Provides users with delta OI distribution to price typically only available with seperate data feeds. Combining the profile with oi has allows uers to see where the greatest difference between opening OI and closed OI exist amongst price in a given session. The HVN calculations provide useful dynamic s/r zones. Additionally including likely liquidation areas for targets from: 100x, 50x, 25x, 10x.

Net Positions +

net positions + iS THE ONLY TRADINGVIEW INDICATOR THAT PROVIDES A RELIABLE REPRESENTATION OF NET LONGS/SHORTS AND A CVD ALTERNATIVE. In doing so users can determine which participants are involved in a trade and squeeze areas. furthermore, the cvd settings provides a look into using divergences in the form of exhaustion in pariticpants or absorption in the form of limit orders.